December 8, 2022 07:52 AM  EDT

Why Flowers Chemical Laboratories?

First, you should know that Flowers Chemical Laboratories has been around for a long time. Founded in 1957, FCL has been providing analytical and environmental laboratory services to national and international clients for more than 50 years. Our satisfied clients include governments, utilities, and commercial, industrial and residential customers. No other environmental testing company knows more about the industry. No other company better understands the challenges facing clients, from increasing regulation to liability issues.

That's why we respect your need for timely, accurate, cost-effective analyses and sampling services.

When you come to FCL, that's what you'll get-and more.

You can count on:

  • A project manager assigned to work with you. At FCL, you deal with one person who understands your specific needs and strives to meet-and exceed-them.

  • Professional expertise. FCL's team of professionals-from chemists to environmental specialists to programmers-lend all your projects the scientific expertise, analytical skills, and dedication they deserve and you expect.

  • The most accurate and responsive analytical results. FCL's technological capabilities include a full spectrum of advanced scientific instrumentation, equipment, and computer systems. Our quality management system is unparalleled in the industry, assuring that you get sound, reliable data.

  • Convenient accessible data. In addition to our written reports, you'll have access to all your analytical results online in a readable, downloadable format. Data management the way you need it.

  • Online services. We've always been responsive to our customers-now we're even more so. Through our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) you can order sampling kits, review invoices, and access reports, no matter where you are and with the utmost security. The LIMS also allows FCL staff and clients to work together on assignments around the world.

  • Simply put: when it comes to environmental testing services, you won't find a company more responsive to your needs. Our reputation has been built on it. Our clients rely on it. You can count on it.
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